Drymate Dog Playpen Mat

Transform your dog’s playpen into a cozy and secure space with the Drymate Dog Playpen Mat. Designed to provide exceptional comfort and unmatched surface protection. This mat protects floors from scratches, spills, and potty accidents, preventing soak-through with its waterproof and slip-resistant backing. Let your furry friend play and relax with peace of mind. Here’s why the Drymate Dog Playpen Mat is a must-have addition to any dog playpen:

  • Protects floors from urine, spills, and scratches
  • Absorbs and contains liquids, wicks away moisture
  • Waterproof & slip-resistant backing
  • Can be cut with scissors for a custom fit
  • Machine washable (see washing instructions)
  • BPA & Phthalate-free
  • Made in the USA with over 50% recycled materials


The Drymate Dog Playpen Mat is designed to be the ultimate surface protection playpen accessory. Our mat protects your floors, contains any accidents, and provides a soft sure-footed surface that is welcoming to a pet’s paws. The absorbent top layer traps and contains urine/spills, while the waterproof backing prevents them from leaking through to your floor. Our mat also features a slip-resistant backing, which helps to keep the mat securely in place. The mat can be cut to fit with scissors and it will not fray or split. Combine multiple mats to create a custom fit for any dog playpen, whelping box, or potty training area. Our mat is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, machine washable, and Proudly Made in the USA. Made from over 50% recycled fibers and is Phthalate & BPA-free.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 60” x 74” x 0.13″


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