Drymate Pet Bowl Placemats for Dog & Cat

Colorful waterproof placemats for under dog food and water bowls. The Drymate Dog Bowl placemat absorbs and contains spills and protects floors and scratches. Slip-resistant backing keeps the mat securely in place.

  • Absorbent material contains liquids and wicks away moisture, reduces mess
  • Waterproof & slip-resistant backing
  • Machine washable (see washing instructions)
  • PFAS, BPA & phthalate-free
  • Made in the USA with over 50% recycle materials


Dog Bowl Placemat

Spruce up your pet’s feeding station and protect your floors with a Drymate Pet Bowl Placemat. The absorbent top layer contains spills and reduces mess while the waterproof & slip-resistant backing prevents them from soaking through and keeps the mat in place during a frenzied feeding. Drymate Pet Bowl Placemats are machine washable and made in the USA with over 50% recycled materials (PFAS, BPA, and Phthalate-free)!

Standard sizes:  12” x 20”, 16” x 28”

Material: 100% polyester with bonded, waterproof backing.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hose off or hand wash with a mild detergent, then hang to dry. If machine washing, wash separately on a delicate cycle, then hang to dry (DO NOT PUT IN DRYER OR USE BLEACH).