Drymate Faucet Splash Guard Mat

The Drymate Faucet Splash Gaurd Mat keeps your faucet area clean and dry! The absorbent material contains excess water and soap, and the waterproof/slip-resistant backing prevents soak-through and keeps the mat in place! Perfect for under soap dispensers and drying cleaning utensils. Comes pre-cut with a standard 2.5″ hole and can be cut to fit most faucets.

  • Absorbs liquids and wicks away moisture
  • Helps prevent hard water stains and soap scum build-up
  • Waterproof/slip-resistant backing
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be cut with scissors for a custom fit
  • Made in the USA with recycled materials


The Drymate Faucet Splash Guard Mat is a functional solution to help keep your sink area clean and dry by absorbing excess water and soap while protecting countertops from hard water stains and scratches. Our absorbent material contains up to 4x its weight in liquids and wicks away moisture. The waterproof/slip-resistant backing prevents liquids from soaking through and keeps the mat in place. This mat is easy to install, clean, and is proudly made in the USA from recycled materials. Our fabric can also be cut to fit any faucet and the material will not fray or split. To clean, simply machine wash or hand wash with a mild detergent and hang to dry. DO NOT BLEACH. Product Size: (18” x 4.33” w/ 2.5” Faucet Hole Cutout)

Product Thickness: (0.13”)


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