New Drymate Products for 2023

Drymate: The Solution to Messy Floors and Other Surfaces

Drymate is a Minnesota-based company that specializes in producing innovative, durable, and sustainable surface protection products. With a wide range of products made from a unique and patented material, Drymate offers solutions to a variety of messy and wet situations, making cleaning and maintenance much easier.

New Products for 2023:

  1. Armor All Premium Garage Floor Mat: This new mat is designed to protect your garage floor from vehicle leaks, oil spills, tire marks, stains, rain, and other messy situations. It is made from our new heavy-duty, ridged material that absorbs liquids, traps debris, and prevents them from soaking through to the floor with its bonded waterproof, and slip-resistant backing!
  2. Drymate Coffee Maker Mat: Protect your countertops from coffee spills, stains, scratches, and more! This mat absorbs and contains spills while adding a decorative touch to your coffee station!
  3. Drymate Mixer Sliding Mat: This mat is placed under your Kitchen Aid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer to eliminate the need for heavy lifting. This mat allows you to easily slide your heavy stand mixer around without
  4. Drymate Faucet Splash Mat: Keep your faucet sink area clean and dry with this pre-cut mat that is made to fit standard 2.5″ faucets! This absorbent mat contains excess water and soap and makes your kitchen duties less messy! Also works great for drying cleaning utensils.
  5. Drymate Washable & Reusable Potty Pads: This product is a sustainable solution for dog potty training and helps save you money in comparison to disposable pee pads! When your potty pad gets dirty, simply hose it off or machine wash it with a mild detergent and reuse it! Made from our absorbent material that features a bonded waterproof/sip-resistant backing to prevent urine from soaking through.

With these new products, Drymate is making it easier for homeowners, vehicle owners, and pet owners to keep their areas clean and dry. Whether you’re looking to protect your garage floor, patio, kitchen, or vehicle, Drymate has the solution for you!

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