Drymate Premium Under The Sink Mat (Taupe Diamond Squares)

Protect your cabinets from water, moisture, and cleaning product leaks and spills!

  • Protects cabinets.
  • Contains liquids, no soak through.
  • Cut to fit any cabinet or drawer.
  • Durable and machine washable material.
  • Made in the USA



Premium Under The Sink Mat

Protects cabinets from spills and leaks. Absorbs up to 5 times its weight in liquids and features a non-slip, waterproof backing that prevents leak through. Mat can easily be cut with scissors to fit any cabinet or vanity drawer.

  • Helps prevent costly damage to cabinets.
  • Waterproof backing prevents messes from soaking through to other surfaces.
  • Universal fit – Easily cut to fit with scissors and the material won’t fray.
  • Durable long-lasting material.
  • Recycled Material
  • Easy to clean – Machine washable.
  • Made in the USA.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 24” x 29″, 24″ x 35″, 24″ x 59″

AVAILABLE COLORS: Charcoal, Taupe Diamond Squares, Modern Brush Strokes, Indigo, Good Medicine Blue

MATERIAL: 100% polyester with non-slip, waterproof backing. Polyester fabric is made from over 50% recycled materials.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash warm separately or hand wash. Hang dry. DO NOT BLEACH.

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